Technology Is the Future of Digital Art Photography

Technology has brought photographers a long way from the old-fashioned cameras and film that were originally the only means of producing photographs. Today, developing film in a dark room is no longer a necessary step between aiming the camera at a subject and getting a photograph that is a true work of art.Digital cameras do not use film to capture images, but instead they have a large number of light sensors that respond to an image that is projected through the camera lens. This image is then stored as electronic data, either in the camera’s internal memory or on a memory card. Most digital cameras are also made with an LCD screen that lets you see the shot when it is taken so that you know if you need to try the shot again to get it just the way you want it.

The data that is saved on your digital camera can be transferred to your computer from the memory card or through a USB cable. Although most cameras have limited internal memory, memory cards are available with different capacities. The quality of the photos you print will be determined by the quality of the digital camera and the ability of your printer.

Cameras are not the only type of equipment that is used to create digital prints today. Most cell phones also have a built-in camera that makes it easy to keep a camera available for those unexpected photo opportunities. As technology continues to grow, it is likely that both digital cameras and those built in to electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and other types of hardware will improve in memory capabilities, resolution, and interactive features such as touch screens.

Although technology does, and most likely will continue to play a role in producing quality digital art photography, the ability of the photographer will always play a role in the outcome of the photo. While many digital cameras have automatic features that allow for beautiful images to be taken without any input from the photographer, there are also those which they can strategically use to create a more interesting image. Lights and filters can have a huge impact in the overall appearance and mood of a photo.

The equipment used to print photos is another area where technology is likely to bring new choices to the table. Special ink and paper used just for photos are just part of the overall picture for the future of photography.

The Benefits of Getting a Photography Degree

A photography degree will give an edge to those that do not have one. The training, skills, and experience gained on top of the networking opportunities will help boost people’s careers in the field. Below are five benefits to having a photography degree.

Have the edge with a degree

Being in school allows photographers to develop a portfolio early on which will help them find a job after. Photography schools provide some of the top notch equipment for use in order to take high quality photos for portfolios.

Have access to professional quality equipment

By going to school, people have access to multitude of professional equipment. Schools are constantly updating their facility and gadgets and students have access to that. Students will be able to access these resources in school and learn how to operate them.

Get professional feedback

Photography schools will provide professional photographers as mentors to give feedback and critique work. Having a mentor, peers, and professors to constantly judge your work will help you grow as a photographer. Understanding different perspectives from different people will allow you to further your skills.

Become a well-rounded individual

Photography school will allow students to take a multitude of courses in different types of photography and other areas. Students will be able to become familiar with different concepts, styles, and techniques. This will allow students to become better rounded.

Get job placement

By being in school, there are many opportunities to get a job after school is completed. Schools may offer job opportunities to students who will be close to graduation. There may also be tons of resources for part time or internship work. The career services department can prepare students for interviews and job placements for the real-world as well.

The years people spend in college give them a mature perspective and approach to life. Aside from learning the proper way to do photography, people develop business skills that will help them become well rounded individuals. The connections and network built in school opens up connections that people wouldn’t have if they did not attend school. Some companies require a degree in order to even be considered for a job. A degree, in any discipline, is good for self-confidence, something that is vital in being successful at anything. These benefits listed above are guaranteed if students are in school. Although people may think that a degree is not necessary to be photographer, most of the benefits of pursuing a degree are the resources and network connections built while attending school

Tips For Accessorizing Your Photo Booth Pictures

Accessories in a photo booth can mean the difference between bland, sparse photos and amazing, fun shots. You can set up an accessory table right next to the booth, and encourage people to come up with amusing photos. Put several photos of people using the accessories around the booth to give them inspiration. Accessorizing with the event or occasion is an important aspect of making these photos really stand out. Business events can be livened up with personalized photos of the event, making a booth a truly good investment. With added accessories it quickly becomes the life of the party.

Interior Accessories

To liven things up even more, some photo booths offer additional interior designs, such as backgrounds and props. They can make it seem like the photo is being taken on the event grounds. It can also show school or team spirit if you layer items and backgrounds in relevant colors and paraphernalia. Photo groups for sporting events are a fun idea as well. You can add sports team items, or loan out jerseys to fans that want to take pictures as a team. Backdrops like logos and other fun environments are a great way to put your mark on the pictures, and ensure people remember where they came from.

Accessory Kits

You can get full kits for your photo booth as well. In fact many group packages include these kits. Funny things like feather boas, and funky plastic glasses can really liven up a picture. The guests can also take their funny accessories with them as a souvenir to add to their picture. This is a great party gag that will have people in and out the whole time. If you are looking for a unique way to have more fun at your next event, renting a photo booth is an amazing option. Your photos are sure to stand out with a photo album or scrapbook.

Additional Choices

You can do many things with a photo booth as long as it is acceptable to the attendant that is working the booth. Some decorations, like photo lenses and other benches are some choices that are offered occasionally. You should speak with the rental company before attempting to alter the photo booth at all, because it may be in violation of the company’s policy. Most already come with black and white filters so they are free to switch up their photos.

The Truth About Being a Photographer

There tends to be this glamorized view of what being a photographer means. People often look at photographers as just someone with a camera, anyone could do it – or that our job is so easy. We just show up, take pictures and go back home, and from the outside I can totally understand why it may seem that way. But the truth is – this job is far from glamorous or easy!

I think a lot of photographers go into business with the desire to help people. The hope to help them capture something very precious to them. And today – it’s so easy for new photographers to jump into business without fully understanding how many hours they will be working a week or how much they need to charge to actually run a business. They just want to help others by taking photos. But there is so much more to this job!

When a photographer charges $30, $40, or $50 for an 8×10 – it’s not because they’re trying to rip you off. It’s not to make an easy buck. That’s what we have to charge to make that piece of artwork for you. When you go to a professional photographer you’re paying them for their expertise and skill. Each image takes time to create during the session. It takes time to download it to the computer and then to go through and edit/retouch that photo. It takes time to show you that image, place your order, send it to the lab, and prepare it to deliver it to you. Not to mention the equipment and software that is require to create that quality image for you.

While many of you work 8 am to 5 pm and get to come home at 5 o’clock and shut your brain off from work mode… we self-employed photographers don’t get that luxury. We work LONG hours! Often – we don’t get to shut off… and when we do – we’ve actually scheduled that work-free time into our day.

You may be wondering, what we do to take up so much time. Well – we’re editing photos, designing collages, designing albums, creating products, paying our bills, creating invoices, keeping track of our expenses and purchasing, filing taxes, paying taxes, creating samples for our studio, creating marketing materials, mailing marketing materials, updating our websites, writing blogs, posting to Facebook, creating galleries, placing orders,… and the list goes on and on…

I’m not saying all of this to complain about my job because I sincerely love what I do. It’s basically to explain the truth of what this job entails. I don’t have tons of free time. And I’m definitely not rolling in dough. We do this because we love it. We do it because it’s what we’re made to do. And we charge what we have to so we can continue to be here for you year after year to capture all those important memories and milestones! Is it expensive to have a professional photographer take your photograph? Yes – but isn’t it worth it? To know that you are in the hands of someone who will take exceptionally good care of you and provide you with the highest quality of work?

When it comes down to it – we need you! We need your support! And we need you to understand the value of what we do! Because if the value of hiring a professional is lost and everyone starts going to the cheapest person on the block – you know, that new girl who just bought a camera and decided to start taking photos and selling the disk for just $25? If everyone starts going to those snapshooters – before you know it all the professionals will be gone, and you won’t be able to get those high quality photos that you’ll cherish forever. You get what you pay for and you can make or break the small businesses who strive to support you.

Stephanie lives in a rural community in Central IL. She is married to her best friend and high school sweetheart, Ryan, and enjoys spending time with her crazy pups, Kit & Lucy. She is the owner and photographer of Green Tree Media Photography and is incredibly passionate about photography and the business of photography.